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dw_moffett's Journal

** This is the official Livejournal account for DW Moffett. It is managed by Mr. Moffett and his Internet Publicist, beyondthebuzz. Any other LJ accounts bearing his name or likeness are not sanctioned by Mr. Moffett or his management. **

I have been accused of being one of the most "normal" actors around in that I do not evidence gross neurotic tendencies on a regular basis. I have a degree in international relations from Stanford University and worked at Continental Bank in Chicago right out of college. So I have had some real life experience to keep all this show biz stuff in perspective.

I think Robert Duvall said it best when he said, "Hey, what I do is a job. I'm good at it but you don't hear people stopping plumbers in the street and saying, 'Hey man, i love your work'". A good actor is good at a craft and when he starts thinking he/she is some kind of "special person", watch out. There's trouble in River City.

That being said I have nothing but the greatest respect for great actors, and have had the pleasure of working with some of the best. Duvall, Spacey, Malkovich, Robards, Gazarra... Don't get me wrong. I prefer acting to plumbing, although I love my plumber very much.